The Pussification Of America

No one wants to do jack shit anymore.  We are raising a bunch of whiney jerky cry babies.  In fact many of us are whiney jerky cry babies.

Remember the days of ole when someone acted like an asshole and they got their butt kicked? You can’t do that now, because you will go to jail and then get sued.  Asshats have all the power.

Remember when you had to go to school even when it was cold out?  Not anymore.  I live in Texas and we had one day of ice and for the next week the city periodically shut down because it was a little wintery out.  I mean, it is WINTER, and shockingly enough it is going to get cold out.  School boards were so scared of getting bitched out (or sued; it is, after all, the American way) by parents, they were calling bad weather days for cold.  Just.  For.  COLD!   I may have seen one teeny tiny icicle, but there were not even two flakes of snow, not even one.  How about we just cancel school for all of January and February?  God forbid little Suzie gets chilly on her way from the warm bus to the warm school.  When I was a kid I had to walk barefoot in the sand both ways and I even got a SUNBURN!  Ok, ok, I grew up in San Diego, but you get the picture.

Remember when you actually had to win to get a trophy?  Not anymore.  The fact that my kid gets a participation award for just being on a team pisses me off.  Honestly, that’s not the message I want to send to our youth, or particularly, my son.   Just show up, you don’t even have to try.  I want my kid to know he has to kickass and be awesome. Be a badass!  In the grown-up world, they aren’t going to get promotions and raises just for showing up (unless they work for the Government).  Our kids will be expected to do shit, shit that counts.  Or they can just live in your basement forever and you can continue to do shit for them…

Remember when America led the industrialized world and made everybody’s shit?  Not anymore.  Now China makes all of our shit.  Wonder why?  They do shit over there, they’re willing to do shit. People here don’t want the shit jobs anymore.  The blue collar jobs.   The jobs that may break your back, but make you stand tall.  Everyone wants a cushy job with a nice office.  No one wants dirt under their nails.  No one wants to plunge a toilet; we’re all too good for that.  Listen, I live w/ two men, I plunge a toilet at least once a week and I clean them too.  Why?  Because if I don’t do the shit, the shit won’t get done.  Shit will be everywhere…

Remember when hard work was something to be proud of?  Not anymore.  Now everybody thinks it’s their right to have a job they love.  Another myth we’ve spoon fed our youth.   It’s called work for a reason.  NOT everybody gets to love what they do.  If you manage to have a job you love, you are very, very lucky.  It’s not your God-given right.

Remember Reading, Writing and Arithmetic?  When using a calculator was cheating?  Not anymore.  Jeeze, in school they don’t even need to learn to write, like with their hands, anymore.  Why waste time learning when a computer, calculator or Government can think for them?

Speaking of the Government, it owes me.  People with more money owe ME.  Everybody OWES ME!  ME.  ME.  ME!  Nobody owes ME jack shit.  I owe myself.  Pride, dignity, respect.  Go work for what you want.  I hear kids graduating from college complain that it’s the previous generations fault they can’t get jobs, we’ve ruined it for them.  NEWS FLASH:  There have been recessions and depressions and economic slowdowns since the beginning of time.  They aren’t the first to endure this.  There are jobs out there and shit that needs doing.  If you don’t like the way things are, get out there, work hard, and change shit!  Start a revolution!  (Oh shit! That’s hard work!)  Complaining- won’t change shit.

I’m not going to tell anyone how to parent.  Ok so maybe I am, a little bit.  BUT I think we can all agree that if we focus on loving our kids, teaching them good core values (you know, right from wrong, The Golden Rule and such silly things), and set real boundaries with real consequences (so life’s consequences don’t include you bailing them out of jail at 3am someday) it would be a good thing for them and for us.  I think we are so busy not wanting to spank or yell or traumatize our children that we have forgotten consequences are part of real life.  Not teaching that to our kids is doing them a disservice.  If time out is what you like, great use it. But how about not saying something like this: “Jimmy if you do such and such again I’m giving you a time out.” Then Jimmy does again. “I’m serious; don’t make me count to 10! One, two, three.  I’m serious… One, two, three…  Don’t make me say it again…  One, two, three”.   And he does it again and again and again because he knows you never will reach Ten and there is no consequence.  The only consequence is he has to listen to you practice your numbers over and over.

Couples therapy, psychotherapy, counseling.  Depression, anorexia, anger management.  The lists go on and on.   Psychological and emotional trauma is a luxury for us 1st world inhabitants.  Hunger, rape, war, genocide.  These are the troubles facing people in Ethiopia, Yemen and the slums of Mexico.  When you’re agonizing over having to sell your 8-year-old daughter into marriage so your other children won’t starve, you don’t have time to take stock of the booboos your parents inflicted upon you and point fingers at everyone else for the problems in your own life.  No time for therapy when you are praying the guerrilla war doesn’t bust through your mud-hut door.  They don’t give a shit if their kid gets a participation award at school; they just want their children to survive.

Being born in America is winning the birth lottery and if we don’t start appreciating it and being grateful, like fall on your knees and kiss the ground grateful. Like willing to work hard and do SHIT to keep our country great, then I guess we will get to see how the other half lives. Then we will really have shit to complain about.


  1. Tesssssstify!!! And amen! Seriously, todays society that’s overflowing with this incredible sense of entitlement not only sickens me, but fills me with serious fear for what state this country will be in when my children are grown. So many have lost sight of this thing called “PRIDE”. I can only do my best to make sure my children will be the kind of adults that work hard and contribute our society rather than SUCK the life out of it.

      1. The baby boomers, in their ongoing quest for their little darlings to have an easier, funner, no embarrassment childhood, in direct contrast to their own- forgot that having to do chores, being embarrassed by a teacher and getting slapped upside the head for not getting a job done- is presciscely how you turn out a responsible human being who is prepared for
        for REAL life.

      2. Holy Hell, someone actually agrees with me. This is the best article I’ve read in a long time.

      1. Wow….can you say judge mental, typical, and just plain ignorant. Just to clarify (since you are clearly one of those people who are on the “entitlement” band wagon) I am of Italian decent (brown to be exact) my mother as well as 7 of her bothers and sister moved to America 40 years ago. Also, here’s something amazing…they ALL learned English, got an education, became citizens, paid taxes, and taught all their children to have a work ethic. You know, this crazy thing called being contributors to society and earning what you have….which is what this blog post was all about. If promoting a work ethic and being saddened by the lack of pride Americans have these days makes me a “white” person then AMEN and TESTIFY!!!

      2. that was directed at the OP I just couldn’t be bothered to find the reply button for the post proper. Slow your roll homie.

      3. There’s always someone who tries to make everything about race. Thanks for being “that guy”. I appreciate thought provoking comments, but yours just had me scratching my head and thinking “what?”.

      4. Great points but he’s right. White people are the biggest guilty party of pussification

      5. You are absolutely right. There are good and bad in each age group. I don’t have time to expound on every detail, I was just making a point. Thanks for reading.

      6. I don’t have time to expound on every topic. Just enough time to be hyperbolic and misrepresent the truth. That we have plenty of time for.

      7. While I appreciate you taking the time to comment, I feel like you’re resorting to name calling instead of citing valid points. Do you really think I’m uneducated or do you just not agree w/ me?

    1. The best, the best, simply the best! I have argued for years we have institutionalized our own extinction, and used your very words, but seeing it come from a female and with such wit and accuracy…does my heart good! And that is not sexist, that is FACT!!!!!

      1. Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m not offended nor do I feel it was sexiest. I have a bit of a masculine tone to my writing, so I get what you are saying.

  2. I agree. Without consequences there is a huge loss of respect for parents authority. Well, authority in general for that matter. Also, in the adult world we must compete to achieve success, but for some reason it is frowned upon to “force children to compete”. Some even say that it is “cruel” or “barbaric” to make children endure the embarrassment of losing. I couldn’t disagree more. Allowing children the opportunity to achieve success through discipline and working hard coupled with working smart should be encouraged, but if what the child did wasn’t enough to win or better themselves then it should be encouraged to get back to the drawing board and improve upon the loss in order to better oneself. Often It is our failures in life in which we learn the most valuable lessons. If you never lose you won’t want to put in the extra work it takes to REALLY be a champion or a success in life because there is no need. Being a true success or a champion takes hard work, disciple, respect, good coaching, and sacrifice. In the martial arts world you are not entitled to win a championship belt or gold medal. You have to actually put in some hard work, long hours, and sacrifice other things that you may want to do in order to achieve something meaningful. Competition drives us to become better. My fights seek out the strongest competition because it only makes us stronger… even if we lose. At least we know that in order to be the best we have to learn, adapt, and do more of what we don’t (hard work)want to do in order to achieve what we want (success).
    Mark Greubel (coach of the United States kickboxing team)

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I love to hear from like-minded people. Unfortunately in the US we have a trend towards teaching kids that being average is ok, mediocrity is all they need to strive for. I personally want to be awesome in everything I do. I may not reach that goal, but I sincerely put forth effort and I am teaching my child the same. It’s great to hear you are teaching the same to your athletes. Bravo Coach!

    2. Well said. Walt Disney was told he had no imagination. Steven Spielberg was denied entrance into USC school of arts three times!!! Glad those two didn’t give up and let failure define them…..

  3. Shit seems to be the operative word in this article, which btw is right on the money. Pussification is exactly what is happening because of all this “Politically Correct” shit. (Hey, there is that word again). I think that today’s parents need to get their shit together and not worry about what shit people will say about them. Shit, when I did something out of sorts, I got the shit kicked out of me…no shit! I could never get away with shitting on my parents the way kids shit on their parents today. Today’s parents don’t know Jack Shit!

    1. Sometimes there is no “nice word” for what needs to be said. Yes, sometimes you just have to keep shit real… Thanks for your full of shit (haha) comment. It’s nice to know there is a community of us out there that do not have shit for brains… Maybe we should all get matching shirts, so we can spot each other in a crowd.

  4. This is a GREAT writing Alli! I had no idea. You never cease to amaze me. I agree with you 100% my dear.

    1. Thanks lovey. I try to hide my unusual brilliance behind vodka and witty comments, so as not to make the average people feel dumb. You know, I am a giver…

  5. Allie

    How incredibly refreshing to read what I’ve been thinking for years. I feel for the generation being raised by the Baby Boomers [of which I am a part]. At some point, the Boomers missed the messages the Greatest Generation set [by example].

    Thank you for a no B.S. article that captures the essence of a major problem in our society. It falls in line with a message that I include in one of my speeches – ‘Get over yourself. Like it or not, you’re going to die someday. What are you going to do between now and then?’

    Great post, Allie.

    Michael Davis

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have a broken filter, so whatever pops into my head comes right out my mouth. You will probably enjoy my next blog post: Why Elected Officials Will get You Bit By A Zombie…

    2. There is a theory that exists in one way or another in virtually every culture anthropologists have looked at, whether it’s first world or bush people, regarding familial wealth Simply put, wealth rarely survives three generations.

      The first generation pinches pennies tightly, establishes a business, and toils for years just to break even. Their work ethic is strong and hopefully they will pass a successful business on to their kids.

      The second generation grows up watching the first generation. As children, they have next to nothing (see the aforementioned penny pinching), but they both see hard work and are made to work hard as part of the growing family business. As adults, they take over the family business and make it even more successful. Their work ethic is nearly or is as strong as their parents’.

      The third generation, though…they were raised with relative affluence. They never new the penny pinching realities of the first and second generations. In some cases…in a lot of cases…the second generation has striven to give their kids the kind of lives they themselves didn’t have. This can lead to going overboard on material goods as well as easing off on the strict parenting. Regardless, it leads to a third generation that has never wanted, was raised with a light hand (relatively) and doesn’t know the meaning of struggle. Their work ethic sucks and the family business goes swirly or up their nose…or both.

      I see this applying to generations as well with the first gen being the Great Depression adults, the second being the WWII adults and the third being the boomers.

      Yes, yes. It would be jumping on the Blame Boomers train, but a) I didn’t invent the theory and b) I believe it applies in more cases than not.

      Interesting, to say the least.

      1. Yes, interesting and I think the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. It has been seen time and time again. Too bad we don’t learn from history… Same can be said of every great nation…

    3. Michael: I think you’re correct about (man) Boomers missing the lessons that their parents were modeling (or had lived before their kids come along). But, I think the parents were largely responsible for the Boomers’ failures to internalize the lessons of hard work, etc., because the parents (out of love) largely insulated their children (the Boomers) from the hardship necessary for building real character. Many of them were too shortsighted and should have been more intentional about teaching their kids their own values and making them have the experiences through which those Boomers could have learned the valuable lessons their parents had learned.

  6. This is both necessary and genius. I’ve always believed in the power of hard work, dedication, and making the necessary sacrifices that one needs to in order to succeed. And, it is thanks to my parents kicking my ass up one road and down another since I was a kid that I learned these things. Participation trophy? The only one you get in life is a gravestone at the end–so, how do you want yours to read? Here lies a whiny, annoying bitch–good riddance; or here lies someone who cared for those he loved, worked hard to provide for those in need, and loved passionately? The choice is yours, but don’t think the world owes you something–all the world owes you is to keep on spinning–with or without your ass on it.

    Nothing will ever replace hard work and dedication. Those two traits go into EVERYTHING that makes things successful. Maybe if your legislators remembered that lesson a little more often we wouldn’t get such crazy protectionist crap being spewed at us all the damn time. Beyond that, failures have consequences. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, you’re gonna fail. And if you fail, you’re gonna have to pick yourself back up. If we teach kids that it’s OK to just show up, then they’ll never know the joy of working hard to achieve a goal and also never learn the bitter disappointment of defeat. THESE THINGS ARE NECESSARY to the development of a human being that’s functional in this world. Hell, I graduated from college in 2009 in the middle of the recession. What did I do with my two degrees? I went and sold Crocs at the mall because, after applying to 300+ jobs, that’s the best I could do until I could find something better. In the two years I took between undergrad and law school, I held 6 different jobs–all vastly different from one another–and all that taught me something. Life isn’t a picnic–it’s a rodeo and it’s going to buck your ass around. So, grab the reins, dig your spurs in, hold on, and maybe you’ll break that green pony and get it going in the right direction. If not, then it’s gonna be a hell of a ride and you’ll have some fun as you go.

    1. Hear, Hear! Yes, I agree. This ride we call life is short and we all have to get off at some point. I want to leave this world knowing I did not just good, but great. Whatever your chosen task in life may be, do it to the fullest, be the best you can be… Thanks for being one of the people who work hard in this country, to keep it great.

      1. My mom had a tea cloth that she hung up in your flower shop before she passed away that said: “We shouldn’t strive to end our lives looking happy and content, we should strive to slide in sideways and dirty saying, ‘Damn, what a rush'”. Life without chances, ups, downs, and all the in betweens is no life to live. I want my future kids to experience all that, just like I did. Although I came from a privileged background (not just by virtue of being American), there have still been plenty of disappoints and plenty of pain in my life. Everyone needs that to be a full, rounded individual. Kissing someone’s ass for showing up is bullshit. You don’t show up to work every day and have your boss say “Yay! You came in today! I’m so proud of you! Here’s a raise.” Get used to getting kicked in the balls by life and maybe you’ll make it out with something to show for it.

      2. Glad you realize there is a hard working class in this country,we started our hard working lives at the age of seventeen by fighting this countries battles and if survive,we continue to do the hardest jobs through out our lives because that’s what we do.

      3. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to this country. My husband is a Marine, though now in civilian life. I think you can tell by this article I love this country very much and am proud to be an American. I want and hope our country remains great and I think we should be grateful for how blessed we are here. With whatever problems we may have, there are far far far worse place to live.

  7. Amen. I’ve been ranting about this for years. I remember once, my son brought home a participation ribbon. I put the place ribbons in a frame, and I threw that one out. He asked me why, and I said, “Because nobody should get a ribbon just for showing up. It sure as hell doesn’t belong in a frame.” If more people got taken out back and got their asses kicked for being dickholes, we wouldn’t be in this mess. There are no real consequences anymore for being an ass, and everyone stays in a state of perpetual butthurt over what they have a right to or deserve.

    1. Kevin C your a dickhole…….do you teach your son to say that? You’re son will grow up to be a king size dickhole thanks to your crappy attitude. JERK!

      1. The real world isn’t going to coddle my kids. His boss isn’t going to treat him like a special little dumpling, just because he was born. He’s not going to get a raise for just showing up and doing the minimum. He’s not going to get a scholarship because he did as little as he could get away with. What’s next? Apathy ribbons for not even bothering to participate? If there is no reason to try, then pretty soon, nobody bothers, and you get the shitstorm this country is in today. My kids are well behaved in public, and I’ve rarely had to ground or discipline them since they were very young. They show respect, and they get A’s and B’s, because we know what they’re capable of, and they know we won’t tolerate them phoning shit in. You, sir, are the dickhole, and you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

      2. Kevin: You nailed it. The problem with teaching all these kids that they’re awesome … just because … is that (assuming we don’t have full-blown socialism by then), they will be smacked in the face when, as adults, they’re suddenly faced with the reality that the real world really doesn’t give two squirts about your feelings or about you as a person if you can’t deliver something. The message should be: “You’re important to God. You’re important to your family: we love you more than every THING in the universe. If you’re lucky, you’re important to a few close friends. But, no one else really cares all that much about you. And, therefore, you’re going to need to excel and you’re going to need to be tough.”

      3. Gregg, I’ll give you a prime example of douchenozzle behavior. When I was living in Georgia, I knew a nice woman that worked with my wife at Walmart. She told us that she was seriously concerned about her son, because he had learning issues.

        At the time, Georgia was dead last in education, and they caught a bunch of teachers in the next county over, who had been getting paid for a make believe education from a diploma mill. They passed anybody, regardless of their ability. They taught my daughter about Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey in American History. It should have been a celebrity history class.

        Her son was a senior in high school, couldn’t read, and he could barely write his own name on a job application. She had to fill out the rest for him. She’d been fighting with them to hold him back, over and over, and she finally asked that they not let him graduate. She asked them what was going to happen when he got out into the real world and couldn’t even fill out a job application. They told her they couldn’t hold him back, because it would negatively impact his self esteem. She asked them how they thought it was going to impact his self esteem when he couldn’t read, write or get a job. We’re talking about a woman who couldn’t afford private schools or tutors, who begged the school system for help, and they just crapped all over her concerns.

        I’ve seen several schools do away with F’s completely, lower the score requirement for passing grades, and completely dumb down the curriculum. I know several teachers that can’t stand their jobs anymore, because the parents expect them to be babysitters with zero power to reprimand or discipline their little darling nightmares.

        Nardgoblin begets nardgoblin, and the whole vicious cycle repeats, ad infinitum, until we all find ourselves guest starring in the real world version of Idiocracy. When you see Brawndo on the shelves, you’ll know the first seal has been broken, the streets will run with electrolytes, and the Apocalypse will finally be upon us. But don’t worry. Even if you sleep through it, you’ll still get a Participant ribbon.

      4. I know several teachers & they are good teachers, but when they do try to give an honest grade or punishment they more often than not have a parent mad and bitching at them. Parents want to get too involved in the wrong part. Help them with homework, practice w/ them; but if they fail don’t blame someone else or try to “fix the books”… School curriculum has definitely changed for the worst, we are far behind many countries in math & science. Its such a multifaceted problem.

      5. Greg –
        You nearly capped it, UNTIL you introduced God as something that you ought to be important for.


        Why do you try to mix myth and fable with reality? May as well bring in the tooth fairy, unicorns, the Ouija board and SpongeBob while you’re at it. And Santa Claus, and Jack’s beanstalk, and the Easter bunny, and………………on, and on, and on………….

    2. There are consequences. But our government gets to decide not the streets unfortunately

    3. Maybe the ribbon for participation is a souvenir, something beyong the competition to remember the fun they had. They are still allowed to have fun right? Your son still got his “placed ribbon”. He can’t keep the other one too? Or are we teaching him that only competition matters? Go make me proud by beating those other kids, or I’ll love you less and throw away your stuff.

  8. Spot on! Now I have to try and figure out a way to use this article with my students and not get in trouble…..

    1. Thank you! And thank you for being a teacher, that’s a job I do not envy… Certainly not the way it used to be, tip toeing around all the time.

      1. That was a great article. Thought provoking & well written. I’m @ baseball, between games for my son, when I get home I will comment on your page w/ my opinions. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What’s the last thing you grew or built lately? Let’s be honest, bloggers are the epitome with what’s wrong with the world today. A whole lot of typing, not a whole lot of doing…

    I don’t disagree with with your post, but you’re being hypocritical by trying to write your way to a living and telling others how we don’t make anything anymore and how were supposed to work in the factory while you type about it at Starbucks. I guess someone needs to be a pussy…

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate everyone’s opinions. Blogging is actually just a hobby for me. I started my own business four years ago, so I have a real job. Before that I worked in corporate America for 7 years. My husband on the other hand has a blue collar job, he actually has 3 jobs. He is where I learned a lot of my work ethic from.

      1. I don’t disagree with your post or that writing this article didn’t take a lot of “work”. Just saying we all can’t be farmers or factory workers because our economy isn’t there anymore… as someone who worked for a fortune 10 company (America’s largest commercial exporter) for 11 years, I can’t say it was a honest and respectable way to earn a living.

        Our economy is changing and some people will figure it out and others will not. Keep posting, because you’re serving a need in this new economy.

    2. How are bloggers the epitome of what is wrong? While I might type at various time throughout the week on my blog….and even respond to a few, let me state what else I do and have done:
      I plant and extensive garden every year to provide my family (and share with those in need) fresh, healthy foods not tainted with chemicals or GMO’s. I worked for years as a welder in a facility producing dump truck beds. I vote, pay taxes, donate time and money to charity. I have four children who are well mannered, respectful, and make good grades. Oh, and I served as a Sergeant in the US Army. So just because I take the time to type (and hopefully encourage the masses of potentially half brain dead, go with the flow, do nothing members of society to actually think and hopefully reflect upon and do something with there now enlightened state of mind) I would definitely not say that bloggers do nothing. They have probably done a lot of something to be able to make the observations they do, and encourage others to do something also. To this I say, what sir do you actually do… obviously had the time on your hands to not only read this article, but to reflect upon and comment about it. Maybe you could find some other uses for your time….like discovering the meaning behind stereotyping comments, and why they are in fact not true.

      1. First, thank you for your service to this country. Second, thank you for your continued service through your daily good deeds. I value those who can grow food, I unfortunately kill the poor things. I try, but my thumb must be black. BTW very well written response.

      2. Your thumb may not be as black as you think…a lot of factor determine a successful garden. Being that you are located in Texas, it probably has a lot to do with the quality of the soil. Once the soil condition is improved your thumb just might be green. For garden tips check out my upcoming blog (website launching next month) at Tuesday’s Gardener. Thanks for your reply and I look forward to more of your post.

  10. I agree with everything you said except for the psychotherapy and the depression part…….as a sufferer of depression/anxiety which is not at all fun to live with and I would not wish this on anybody…..the thing is when I was first diagnosed with this malady it was the late 70’s and you didn’t hear about it and you kept it quiet due to being labeled as a “nut”. But now there are commercials about it and its all out in the open and we not seen as “those loony tune” people. I’m glad it’s out in the open because when I was going through this it was extremely embarrassing to even be seen going into the psychiatrist office. I prayed no one I knew would see me. Granted there are people that will be high drama and use a psychological condition to either act out or not work or just be a tool thinking it’s okay because of their “condition” but it’s not okay. There was a time when I honestly did not think I’d live a normal life and it’s scary as hell to deal with this and honestly in all truthfulness a physical ailment such as a cut off leg or a third degree burn would have been much more welcoming then something you cannot see. You seem not to have much compassion in that regard……you need to rethink what you rant on about. You might think “it’s my opinion” which is true and you can justly have your right to that BUT when you put it for all to read then my opinion also counts.

    1. You absolutely have a right to your opinion & I appreciate it. I sympathize with anyone suffering from a legitimate mental illness, as they do exist. Unfortunately we have many people using this as a crutch or exaggerating it, which is sad for those really suffering.

      1. If you had said something more reasonable like this follow up in your original post, rather than attacking the mentally ill, people would be questioning your credibility less. I understand your angle, but you could choke on the high handed rhetoric. This is a column long ad hominem attack with no real discussion of the issues.

      2. I didn’t attack the mentally ill, you are reading way more into it than what I said. It wasn’t a blog about the mentally ill, so I felt no need to clarify. When I did, I was responding to a comment. Thanks for your opinion.

    2. Elijah, thanks for your honesty and for speaking up about this. I was bothered by that remark too. If you haven’t lived it, you can’t understand it. Depression and anxiety not only kill people, but rob them of their potential EVERY DAY. My teen is in therapy and on meds for OCD and severe anxiety. She’s also a straight-A student, wrote a novel in a month, is a talented artist, and is a wonderful friend to those who are lucky enough to know her. There are things that she simply cannot due because of her *illness.* She’s not trying to be difficult, she just can’t. Something inside her tells her the world will end if she doesn’t follow certain rituals or if she breaks some of the bizarre internal rules she has. She doesn’t want to be this way. We are not coddling her if we allow her some time to work out her issues in a safe and supportive therapy environment. We are enabling her to be her best self. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty damn good right now, but she’s not completely functional because of an illness, an invisible disability.

      Meanwhile, my husband also suffers from untreated anxiety. He’s incredibly hard-working, but he’s miserable about 70% of the time. He is going to stay trapped in this prison until he either gets help or suffers a physical health crisis that alters his behavior. He isn’t fun to live with, much like an alcoholic who can’t change his behavior.

      I’m on meds as well, because without them I cannot function. I’d be 300 lbs and watching TV all day, instead of expressing my talents and raising a wonderful family and contributing to my community through significant volunteer work.

      I’m not a pussy, and neither are my kids or my spouse. It is easy to look at what everyone else is doing wrong and write sassy blog posts about it. It’s much harder to look at others with compassion and acknowledge that we’re all trying to do the best we can. Share your talents. Be the change you wish to see, and all that. Just don’t sit there and call people “pussies” because you don’t like what you see. Have constructive conversations with the coaches and teachers about what CAN be done to bring everyone up to their highest level of effort and success.

      1. As I have said before I am compassionate to anyone w/ a mental illness, we all have our demons and that’s all I will say about that. BUT in 3rd world countries they have the exact same mental problems as us, plus they deal w/ things like child slavery and genocide. They do not have the luxury you have of getting medical care or the access to prescription meds. So while I empathize greatly w/ you, you are far better off than they are and they would gladly trade places w/ you. Also we are very fixated on ‘self’ here and it is almost fashionable to be disordered (I am not saying everyone, but if you are being honest, you can’t disagree). We should be grateful we are here in America, which was my point.

      2. So now I have to have first world guilt to go with my white guilt? If I have depression I’m a pussy, but if Juan gets it he’s a hero?

      3. I don’t feel guilty for living in a great country, if you do that’s your issue. I feel blessed & lucky and I appreciate it. As for being white, that has nothing to do with it at all. Thanks for your comment.

  11. I get kind of tired of hearing this shit! Don’t get me wrong… I know this world is full of pussies but really. This person writes a blog… Writes for a living. And tells me people don’t work hard?! I dare her to spend a month on my crew. A week. Commentary like this does nothing but fuel the ultra right’s hard on’s and PISS people who do the hard jobs, off! People like me.

    1. I appreciate your comment, but I do not write for a living. Blogging is a hobby. I own my own business and my husband actually has a blue collar job. In fact, he works 3 jobs and he is where I have learned a lot of my work ethic from.

    2. Yes. As her comment states, don’t mistake this tripe for real writing. That said, writing for a living is harder than you think. Dont try to weigh blue collar jobs over white collar jobs. It’s just different types of work. Just like I may not be able to work on your crew, I’m sure no one would pay a polished penny for something you wrote.

  12. So well said! This conversation has come up quite often in my life. In fact it came up just a little over 4 hours ago.. There really is no way to disagree with this point. A disagreement is being part of the problem. Toughen the hell up and become a solution. I believe that too often things are used as crutches to get out of putting in the real work. Really what scares the shit out of me is hiring employees over the next 20 years.. And then wtf is shit going to be like when I retire!?

    1. Thank you. While I do appreciate everyone’s opinion, I too find it hard to believe some people don’t agree. We do have an abundance of people not wanting to work very hard or work at all, not everyone, but certainly there is plenty of evidence it is a problem. We also seem to have a lot of issues w/ the youth and discipline. We have gotten to a point where people are saying hard work and discipline are a bad thing?

    1. Thank you! I’ve been wondering the same thing? I didn’t make any political affiliation in this article. I was being provocative to make a point.

    2. I’ll say what Allie didn’t: It became “ultra-hard-right” when the Democrats as a party moved to the left.

  13. A little over the top but very true. I think this issue crosses all political views and income levels. In my job as a guitar teacher , I still see great families and kids that work hard to be great players. Still a lot of great people out there

    1. Thanks for commenting.Yes, I was absolutely being provocative to make a point and I was singling out no one class, creed, or race. You are completely correct, this crosses all lines…

  14. Could not agree more! I refer to this as the “Vealing of America”…. the PG version of your title.

  15. I don’t know you, but stumbled on your blog through a link of a friend of a friend, but anyone who uses “asshats” in the first four lines has me hooked! Love it!!

      1. I will remember that!! I also like to tell people to “go eat a bag of dicks” – that’s stolen from a friend, who probably stole it from somewhere, too.

  16. I cosign this message. People whine bitch and moan. Although you did not bring this up, you were spot on about children in third world countries compared to hear. There are children in those countries that do not have homes, or even beds to sleep in. Yet young people over here complain about shit like waking up in the morning or “oh its monday again”. SMH im thinking to myself “get over it !!. YOU’ll Survive !!”

    1. Thank you for “getting it”. I wasn’t saying people here don’t have problems, but in other countries they have all of our problems plus rape, war, genocide, child slavery… Who can deny we have it much easier?

      1. Absolutely we have some yes, but it isn’t on the level of third world countries. I do know there are horrible things that happen everywhere.

    2. Gee. I sure wish my kids lived in a shittier country. Then they’d be appreciative!

  17. A witty and informative entry, but as an engineer I have to ask: How did you determine an “average?”

  18. You must have been sent from GOD to relay a message to the 48.6% of the people who think all kids games end in a draw……..YOUR AWESOME!!!!

  19. 3 words for you……… RIGHT THEFUCK ON!
    If you run for president, I’ll make sure it happens! I would, but my closet, garage, shed and back pack are full of skeletons! We need more people like you that aren’t afraid to say what they believe and stand by their word!

    1. Thanks for getting it! People read what they want, even though I thought I was pretty darn clear. Hard work, discipline, and love for country. Still not sure why anyone has a problem with that? Stay tuned, more to come…

  20. While I agree completely with most of these points I will say, there is one that proveed a bit thorny when I read t. Coming from a blue collar family ( steel workers –all of them),my significant other being an iron worker, Ive seen what it is to work very hard for what you have and to do jobs that are not desirable. China doesn’t have all of the industrial work because everyone thought they were above it. That decision was out of middle class Americans hands and most would probably do anything to have that bright time in our country back. In fact, where im from, (and all of its surrounding areas) those blue collar Jobs ARE desirable– because they support families. The industrial powerhouse that we once were is over not because we “deserve to find what makes us happy ~~<3"(or some other stupid fucking decoy) its because it was more business savoy for the people that ran the show. However, other than that, really enjoyed your post. Keep it up.

    1. You are absolutely right. The thing is when writing a blog & trying to make a provocative point you can’t say everything. You will lose people if you go on and on. So I said my main points, but I couldn’t encompass everything. Forgive me that. I wish there were more jobs with better pay for the people who need and want them.

      1. I doubt that you are restricting yourself from covering some crucial points people have called you out on, as you have violated a bloggers number one rule. You’ve exceeded 1,000 words in this blog. This is not a blog, but nearly an essay on what you think is going wrong with this country. Since you’ve gone far above and beyond how many words should be in a blog (500-800 at the very most), you should have took some time explaining your position on Chinese labor. It is a great disservice to those people who are forced to work in crappy conditions and make less in one day than someone making minimum wage does in half an hours worth of work in the United States.

        There is plenty of rambling here and not enough action or call to action to how we can actually fix this problem (if there is even a problem at all). The issue is far beyond our control and this country sold itself when corporate interests led the way to shipping jobs overseas where labor IS CHEAP!

      2. I appreciate your opinion and you are more than welcome to write your own blog the way you think it should be done. I like the way I did it. But you have every right to do it better. Thanks for reading.

  21. Just to clarify…this blog is satirical look at how people write blogs full of holes and complete inaccurate garbage nonsensical right? Because ya know all Chinese laborers WANT to be toiling making Barbie dolls for eight cents an hour for 16 hours a day instead of a 9-5 high earning job where they can see their families and you know…not die…right? You do understand the basics of macroeconomics….right? I mean if you want to earn five cents an hour writing this inane blabber…go for it…I’d rather be in a place that supports you know CHILDREN and gives them even the smallest sense of satisfaction and back off introducing them quite this early to this dystopian lifestyle you’ve conjured up in that fantasy world filled brain….again satire…right? I mean if what you say is true i can’t imagine wordpress handing you out a website…but they you know…award participation

    1. Thanks for your comment and you have a right to your opinion, as do I. Obviously I was making a provocative point, as I have said before. Furthermore, blogging is a hobby, not my job. I wish someone would pay me to do it. I own a business and my husband has a blue collar job, that I am quite proud of. Our son is the most important thing in our life and I value ALL children, it takes a village. And yes this post was filled w/ irony, sarcasm, and satire…

  22. This is the best thing ive read in a long time! Thank you for spreading the word on this. The part about hard work os my favorite. I have said that exact speech so many times in debates about the attitude of this new “entitled” generation. Thank you for letting those of us who havent lost sight of what made America so beautiful realize ther are others who still get it!

  23. Asshats! OMG! I love it and every single word in this article! Seriously love your honesty. Everyone agrees with it, but no one says it! YES YES YES! It is called hard work for a reason. Everyone seems to raise their kids with no manners, no discipline and they all want a free ride today. Thank you so much for sharing this article!

  24. I love your comment section, what a variety of thoughts….Speaking of thoughts, I had this one ingrained in my head at very early age by my mother.” I used to complain I had no shoes until I met a man without feet” It has worked for me daily the past 70+ years……

    1. Hi Bud! I too love the comments. Whether it’s in agreement or disagreement, I enjoy peoples thoughtful opinions. My biggest gratification from writing this blog is that people are experiencing something when they read my thoughts. I’m glad you paid attention all those years ago to the message your mom was giving you, and even more so that it has served you well. It’s a very good lesson in gratefulness…

  25. Very nice! Yes history does repeat itself. Our parents said the same thing and we thought they were full of it. If they could only hear us now!

    1. Funny you should say that. My mom used to always say “They aren’t teaching you crap in school anymore. When I was a kid…” and I would roll my eyes. Now, I say that all the time to my kid… Thanks for reading!

  26. One huge misstatement in this article. Things are not made in China because they work harder than us. Things are made there because they work cheaper.

    1. That is one of the myriad of reasons, yes, I agree. But when writing a blog you can’t go on and on & explain every detail. You make a grand point & get in & get out. Otherwise you bore people. Thanks for taking the time to read!

  27. I read with interest, and your blog reminded me why I manufacture my products in Asia. Americans pretty much suck. I tried to make stuff here in the US but I couldn’t get what I wanted. Quality, quantity consistancy. All that whining about how the US is the best. Bunch of lip service.

    Not that we can’t do it, it’s just that we as a nation are too used to not working in the field and milking the cows at 3 am.

  28. When did work become a four letter word? People should be proud to go out and make something or do something to better themselves and this Great Country! People want equity and wealth redistribution and to get something for nothing. That is stealing in my book. People should covet my work ethic and not what I made by working!

    1. Preach it Brother! We’re not rich, but we do alright. Only because I work and my husband works 3 jobs. I want to keep as much of his & my hard earned money as I can. I’m all for helping the needy, but not the lazy.

  29. Thank you for this article. It is so much of what I think, but you put so much more…um…eloquently?…than I ever could. Sorry, my brain is having a hard time fitting eloquence and brashness in the same context. Not brash in the rude sense, but in the hard-hitting no-nonsense…uh…sense. Anyway, I hope you get it.


  30. Exactly! And this crap with “pajama day” or some other “pretend to be” day at school needs to stop! Get up, get dressed and get your ass to school. You don’t wear your work clothes or some other sort of “costume” to bed, do you? (Well, some might 🙂 but that is a whole different discussion.)

    1. Thanks Mary! I am glad you enjoyed the article. My latest one will be up early next week, hopefully you will enjoy that one too. Sometimes I write in my pajamas, but I don’t go to the grocery store or out in public in them!!

  31. The writing style you use is called colloquial. The perfect style for low-level thinkers who over-simplify complicated issues to be controversial for attention. I’m sure you could blast this idea all over your (Southern, conservative) town and receive a round of applause but it would would crumble in a room full of folks who understand the cyclical nature of government. Hard work pays off for anyone, duh. Attacking an entire generation because the human race has evolved to experience empathy is so 2010. Kardashian, if you will. If you want to put some weight behind this opinion, citing historical events and using references would make it appear way less ” I watch the local news and hey, you like my boobs?” Compare. Contrast. Educate and evolve…you might get a trophy.

    1. The style of writing you are using is called patronizing. It always saddens me when educated people get a kick out of being condescending. If you disagreed, you could have opened a line of dialogue w/o being nasty, but I have a feeling this is how you deal with people who don’t agree with you in real life too. Nevertheless, I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am an American and damn proud of it. When writing a blog you often use the colloquial narrative as blogs are informal, that is the point. But being as intelligent as you obviously are trying to prove you are, I am sure you know that. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for noticing that I have nice boobs.

      1. Ahhhh, don’t mention it. Nasty was not my intention. Your blog took an offensive position. You stated your problems and tossed blame out into blog-dom. Who are you addressing? Who’s at fault? You expressed a feeling of discontent with “whining,” well, what do you think you’re doing? Whining about whomever you think is responsible for the issues you listed. I apologize if I was patronizing– I am a teacher so I can come off that way. I get a little salty when young, intelligent people attempt to execute change through generalized blame. You’re better than average, just be the change, it creates a domino effect. The same way we got in the messes we’re in is how we get out, slow and steady…..but, if you’re just venting, this reply will self destruct in 30 seconds.

      2. I was definitely ranting, as my blog tag line is “witty & clever rantings & ravings”. I am trying to change things, in a small way by making people think. As I imagine you do by teaching people to think beyond self. As a teacher I am sure you see many different talents in each individual student and you encourage and inspire in a thoughtful manner? I guess we can agree to disagree and part ways as friends. Thanks for your comment; I do enjoy everyone’s opinions.

      3. Allie dont listen to these people who take the time to tell you how unhelpful or biggoted your blog is because your not wrong, they are! If anyone was offended by this post they obviously are ones who relate to the issues you expose, any hard working person would commend your honesty and bluntness which rings as a breathe of fresh air that people see the issues of what our country is becoming. To the person who tells you that you are whinning is just trying to throw you off. People dont like honesty and this is an honest blog. Negative people like to bring down positive people so dont let them in! Although some might think this blog is negative, its actually positive because it exploits the fact that nothing in life should be handed and respect is a quality trait that is recognized and commended. You speak the truth Allie and from one hard working american to another, you rock! Theres a whole community of people like me who back you up and I just wanted to take time to tell you that your truthful rant was beautiful and strong which are both traits of a strong spirited person! The only ones who are offended are people who are bitter. God bless and keep on blogging, us hard working (and for the record im not in a southern state hahaha) americans enjoy your post!

      4. Thanks Roman! You know one of the great things about this country is you and I have the right to our opinions and the other commenter has the right to theirs and the liberty to say it. America may have gotten off track in a lot of ways, but the core concepts this country was built on are so awesome. Freedom to be who you are and stand up for what you believe in! The opportunity to work hard and possibly achieve the loftiest of goals. A child born here has the potential to be The President, with hard work and discipline.

    2. the human race has evolved to experience empathy? What the fuck rock do you live under? You want to attack this girl anonymously? Grow some balls. You actually don’t seem that smart. Education has nothing to do with being smart.

    1. Actually I got the title from a friend and gave him credit in our circle, but I found recently that there are quite a few different articles w/ this same title, but I like mine best. 😉 My next blog will be called Why Elected Officials Will Get You Bit By A Zombie, and no one has used that before.

  32. Who cares how shitty other countries are, that doesn’t have anything to do with how we live in America.

    1. In my opinion to only worry about America is a narrow view point. We are moving towards global economy, laws, etc. If we want to do this in a way that is progressive and prosperous we consider everyone. It’s happening whether you like it or not. Moreover, as a caring, compassionate person I feel for people suffering.

  33. TRUE STORY!!!!

    I hear “1,2,3 …” on a daily basis at work from parents who bring their little snowflakes in. It makes me nuts.

    Yes, this country is going to turn to total shit if we keep raising kids to think that they deserve a gold medal for merely showing up, and propagating this hand out society we live, in where no one is held accountable for anything. No one has work ethic, pride or integrity anymore. It really is depressing and aggravating.

  34. I am always saying this shit with my sister. I did get the shit beat me if I even dared to look cross eyed at my mom or dad. And kids today are so fat and lazy. My kids cry and complain that they don’t have all the cool expensive stuff and it really pisses me off to no end. I mean shit is expensive and you got to work for that shit so it means something!! And if parents don’t start teaching their kids some manners then I will step in and do it for them if I see their kids misbehaving. I have done it and it wasn’t pretty. But I grew up on tough shit so I ain’t got no time for that other shit.

  35. This was really funny the first 100 times I’d heard it from Tom Leykis and Adam Carolla…almost verbatim…including the title. You’d rather be funny than pretty? I’d rather be ugly and dull than a plagiarist.

    1. Everything has been written before “idea” wise, there is not an original story or joke left in the world. BUT since you want to throw around such rude accusations please post ANYTHING that is verbatim what I have written, you cannot since every word came from my own head. Since you mentioned it, I Googled it, and Adam Corolla actually writes about young American boys being sissy’s (this Tom Leykis person actually has a comedy act also about the “pussified male”), which is not at all what I wrote about. As for the title, I got that from a friend and I gave him credit w/i our circle and on FB. I appreciate everyone’s opinions, even ones that differ from mine, but do not accuse me of plagiarism, because that my friend is a load of SHIT.

      1. Um, if I ask why the duck crossed the road (in lieu of a
        Chicken) it doesn’t make me NOT a plagiarist.

      2. People sure love attacking you for blogging while they sit there and critique every little point probably spending more time than you dui writing it.

      3. Thank you!!! I am not offended, as he is just spouting off the only insult he can come up w/ since he doesn’t agree w/ what I am saying. The specifics he cites have very little to do w/ my article beside the name, which I make no claims to “inventing”. There are a lot of cook books out there, but everyone who write one isn’t a plagiarist of the first… Obviously other people have had this same idea, but my words and originality are all my own. But since I did put a lot of time into writing this, I am not just going to stand by while he throws around such accusations.

  36. At the risk of joining the comment board frenzy, I think a few things first need to be understood relating to some of your points. I understand the larger point that you’re going for, but I felt the need to put some things in context; your comment on America no longer leading the industrialized world is kind of irrelevant. National economies move from industrialization to manufacturing and exports to service based naturally with time, having little to do with China being more willing or more eager to do tougher labor. They can just afford to do something different and cheaper than the US does. Perhaps that fact leads into less US ‘blue collar’ jobs or more people having jobs they dislike, but shouldn’t that be the motivation for people to increase their personal value in the hopes of being able to do something they enjoy (whether it be by schooling, refining a skill, etc)? Certainly not that there’s anything wrong with working a tough/hard job if that’s actually what you want to do, but I’d hope we’d all have higher aspirations for our kids and push them in the highest direction that would make them not only successful but happy, regardless of the industry they end up in.

    To the schooling point, like it or not, technology necessitates that kids need to be focused on learning different skill sets than what was needed when you or I were in school. Do they need basic handwriting and math skills? Sure. Do they really need to learn how to write in perfect cursive when that time could eventually be spent teaching how computers work and how to leverage them to achieve an even higher level of computational power?

    Being born and living in America is great and all, but just because we have an inflated insider’s ego about it doesn’t make it the end-all-be-all of countries (a la, winning the birth lottery). Just as I hope you have or will have the opportunity to do someday, I’ve traveled to many many countries around the world that would have been just as awesome, if not more awesome, to have grown up in. It’s all perspective.

    In summation, cold weather sucks. I wish it was summer all the time…that’d be fun.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate when someone disagrees, but does it in a thoughtful way that leads to a discussion w/o name calling or rudeness.
      I have said before when writing a blog you cannot expound on each point and go on and on, as you will bore people.
      A lot of our industry has moved to China because it is cheaper labor. Truth.
      While your point is valid about education changing with the times, schools in fact are not teaching what they need to be or we would not be ranked on the global scale of industrialized nations 25th in Math, 23rd in Reading and 20th in Science.
      As for being born in America, I do believe America was and still is the greatest country on earth. BUT being born in ANY 1st world country is winning the birth lottery, so to speak. I don’t think you would rather be born in a 3rd world country over any 1st world?
      I too love warm weather and beaches. I wish I could spend all year w/ my ass in the sand.

  37. I defended myself against 6 attackers back east and one punch almost gave me 12 years in prison and I still owe $80k in fines and restitution!

    1. If you were defending yourself, it should have been the other way around. Unfortunately the justice system is not infallible… Thanks for reading!

    1. Irony abounds in this blog…. and why do you say “pussification” like the pussy is a bad thing?

      1. The article is calling American youth weak and whiney. And if the name for it it “pussification,” it is reinforcing the stereotype that females are weak. Can’t we just call it something else?

      2. Women are absolutely not weak as a gender. I am a strong woman, I LOVE strong women. The thing is I am not easily offended and I think it is a funny word. I am sorry if it bothers you, but it just doesn’t bother me. In fact, when I say the word it brings connotations of whiners, not an actual vagina. I got it from a friend and it just seemed to perfectly illuminate what I was trying to say.

  38. You are spot on….
    I love the US, I’m American born first generation. I was taught to work hard…
    After graduating college almost twenty years ago…. Today, I run into all these new college grads that literally don’t want to “work” they are too good for an entry level job.

    Wow. We are churning emotionally (absent of mental illness) distressed, incapable adults.

    As parents we can practice tough love, yes with a belt… Nothing that would make your child require medical attention…

    Or , we can smother them with a lack of discipline, respect, expectations… And be crutches,

    My, partner has two daughters from a previous marriage. They are the marker of failure for me. After millions in private schools and universities. They are sadly incapable adults.

    He recently withdrew more money from his retirement to continue to support them.

    When does helping become a crutch? When your adult child can not take care of basic needs? When they expect for you to continue paying for a living allowance ?

    Who knows …
    Maybe you’ll write a post on this…

    1. Thank you, I enjoyed your thoughtful response! I may have to write about discipline one day. I don’t know how people can say discipline is a bad thing? I didn’t even mean by spanking, I meant w/ rules and consequences.

      I do understand it may be hard to find a job coming out of school in the field you went to University for, but temporarily you waitress, or bar-tend, or whatever.

      BTW don’t let your partner read your comment, he may not appreciate your honesty! 😉

    1. Thank you! I will check it out later today, I have to work for a while. I like a lot of what George Carlin has to say and even when I disagree, he is thought provoking AND funny. May he RIP.

  39. I like your point, but I think you should make the men in your house plunge the toilet when they back it up. HaHa. Just an observation I picket up on. My wife has never touched a plunger unless she’s the guilty party. 😉 We have two boys and taking responsibility is something we deal with on a day to day bases. But I have seen first hand people in positions of power that have not taken responsibility and point the finger at the less powerful. So maybe in contrast to your point these less powerful people (so often kids) do deserve the wright to defend them selves. This so many times looks like the kids or parents are just wining and looking for an excuse. Working with kids I have seen this happen allot and it’s unfair and a shame. Search (Kids for cash, Pa.) you will see what I mean and this SHIT is still happening, just not at the same scale. I’m not disagreeing with you and your point. I just thought it is important to see that there is often two sides and rushing to judgment and going along to get along can lead to so much damage.

    1. I agree 100%. Always two sides to a story.If someone disagrees w/ how I said this or some such thing, I get it, to each their own. But people who are actually taking it personal and reading WAAAY more into it? I guess it struck a cord. Thanks for the thoughtful and reasonable comment. 🙂

      1. Allie, you’re such an awesome writer! I agree and apologize for all the shit you take by the butt-burps of the world.I think it’s absolutely critical, this point you make. ALL these parents seem to want to be their kids’ ‘buddy’, instead of being their PARENT! Your kid will have plenty of buddies if you do your parenting job the RIGHT way. What your kid needs from you is: BOUNDARIES, RULES and FIRM DISCIPLINE. A solid understanding that your love is unconditional but your tolerance for disrespect and bad behaviors will not go unpunished. You love your baby, but the world don’t give two turds about them. Don’t set them up for failure by letting them think they are the best thing to ever walk upright!
        Your kid is supposed to hate you @ various stages in life, if the kid gets mad, and doesn’t want to be your ‘buddy’, then by-damn, you’re doing it right! And this will garner large amounts of respect and admiration for you, when your kid has kids of his own. It’s the parents job to get the kid prepared to be a functional, respectful, member of society. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

      2. Thank you! The funny thing is, if you do it right, your kid will grow up to be your best friend. They will respect & admire you. They will want to be the same kind of parent you were them, to their own kid. My son is my buddy, but I’m first & foremost his parent, teacher & protector.

  40. Agreed. So tired of people complaining about leaving the house in the cold. Even I do it but shit has got to get done boo. Gotta dress up like an eskimo and get your ass out there. This is a much needed piece of reality for all of us. On the recession thing though, our generation did make Occupy Wall street happen. It’s not always rewarding to start an uproar but it’s SOMETHING.

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