Month: November 2014

Armenian Ass Induced Mass Hysteria


I read this article on The Grio last week and although, yes, it’s well written and I quite clearly understand everything the author is saying, I also thought, so what? None of this is new and why are we now making Kim K’s ass about race? I mean honestly there are enough legitimate race-related issues out there, but Kim K’s ass?  Seriously?  There have been white people who have sexualized, to the point of fetishism, blacks, Asians, Hispanics and so on since forever.  And guess WHAT??? It’s been going both ways just as long! There have always been people of color who have been sexually attracted to Caucasian people, too.  Let’s look at a line from that remarkably well written song by Kim K’s own husband, Kanye West’s Gold Digga “But when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl”. Then, the fact that the author also criticized Kim for admitting that until she gave birth to a black child, she “never even gave much thought to race” or what it means to be a person of color in this world irks me.  First of all, let’s not pretend we think Kim thinks of much at all to begin with, but I do wish everyone would stop thinking in terms of color. Obviously she has no negative thoughts about it as she is happily in a biracial relationship.  So why do you care?  Let’s all collectively MOVE ON!

There will always be people who sexualize and abuse and discriminate.  Just like there are always going to be celebrities showing their butts and boobs to capitalize on our sexual desires.  It really is just human nature.  We are wired to have sex and there will always be humans whose sexual proclivities lean toward lasciviousness. Let’s focus on the really important thing about this photo shoot – She really dodged a bullet, she didn’t fall on that champagne glass and pop her ass.

Others are passing judgment on her nudity. Frankly who cares if she shows her butt? I’ve seen Kim’s ass more than I have seen my own. What celebrity doesn’t have nudie pics out there somewhere at this point? BORING!  There was a celebrity Tweet chastising her by reminding her (in case she forgot) that she is A MOM.  If we all stopped wrapping nudity up in conflicting feelings of shame and arrogance, pleasure and pain, morality and lust maybe people wouldn’t get so twisted about it. Animals all walk around naked, we were born naked, and oh yes, people mostly like to get naked to have sex. Personally, I like to clean the house naked, but eh, that’s another story.

I am not saying that as a mom, I am going to go out and flaunt my derriere (you should be so lucky) on camera, but my job isn’t to make money by showing my bum.  Basically, that is Kim K’s job. BUT let me be clear, if someone wanted to pay me a million dollars to slather on some baby oil, step into a black trash bag (that is what she has on, right?) and show my rump, I would do it. Call me a whore if you want. Furthermore, if someone would pay MY mom even $100,000, I’d be helping her unbutton her drawers faster than you could say “I like big butts and I cannot lie”! And she’s a grandma – oh, the disgrace!!

Apparently the Kimster also did a full frontal in this shoot and I am a bit scared to see it. I have heard a rumor that when she had her bum injected with fat she also had to do her lips, for balance sake -I’m not sure which set of lips they mean…

Kim accomplished what she set out to do. Have everyone looking at and talking about her ass. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. By the way, Kimmy said she did not say she was setting out to “break the internet”, she said “damn, my big ass broke my fishnets”. She’s always being misquoted.