I Am Not A Sexist, But I Like Being Sexy

I got a shit load of comments on my blog The Pussification of America. They were all over the map from being complimentary and in agreement, to accusing me of all manner of personal offenses. I may be a wee bitty twisted, but the ones that really tickle my fancy are those from people who have lost their common sense and sense of humor, and have gotten their panties so far up their ass they require surgical removal.  Of those I found particularly giggle-worthy were women calling me sexist, saying my title was misogynistic for using the word Pussification. It got me thinking over this whole topic, sexism, and women chastising other women for the rather inconsequential behaviors they deem “sexist”. Who made them the Ché Guevara of Women’s Liberation?

Am I misogynistic? AbsoFUCKINGlutely NOT! I am the complete opposite. I LOVE strong women. I like them bossy, bitchy, fickle and pickled; with big personalities and even bigger boobs. And I like women with smart mouths and smart minds. Furthermore, I love sexy women and I love being sexy myself. I already know by saying this people are going to get all butt-hurt and cross-eyed, and say I am perpetrating antiquated roles for men and women.  I. Am. Not.  I am just talking about what I LIKE. You do not have to like it or agree.

Am I sexist?? Maybe according to some crunchy woman who wants me to wear Birkenstocks, grow my arm pit hair, give up my mani-pedis/facials and shout from the tallest building that “I don’t need no man!” But really? Me? Sexist? Seriously? No. By definition being sexist means you believe one gender to be inferior to another. Just because I entertain some stereotypes, does not mean I think women are weak. I think sexy is the new strong and I find it empowering. I don’t need to wear the pants. I like wearing the skirt (the shorter the better) and the high heels too. I enjoy when men AND women notice me. I work hard to keep in shape and be attractive. Why does it bother some women if I take pleasure in this? Is it because they aren’t comfortable being sexy themselves or is it because they believe my being sexy makes women less credible? Dressing sexy does not a whore make you. I just feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t follow the notion that the human body is something to be ashamed of or hidden. Now, yes, there are times when such dress would be inappropriate. Clearly, when I am at work or going to my child’s school, I dress professionally; but when I go out dancing or to dinner with my husband, I like to be pretty and I relish a little attention.

I also get annoyed when women try to push their definition of women’s liberation on others (or more specifically on me). There are many ways for women to be liberated. Why do they think it’s wrong that I enjoy being in a relationship where I do the “girly stuff” and he does the “manly stuff”? I like making my house beautiful, arranging flowers, lighting scented candles and cooking a great dinner for my man. I like making him feel like the King, because in turn he makes me feel like his Queen. Personally I don’t want to carry my own groceries or pull my own chair out at a restaurant. I don’t want to open my own car door. I like standing there reapplying my lip gloss while I wait for him to do it for me.

Obviously, there are men and women across the spectrum. Certainly a woman can be a good mechanic and a man can be a good housekeeper and there are many happy couples who are in same gender relationships and I whole heartedly support that too. BUT there are stereotypes for a reason, although it shouldn’t be wrong if you venture outside the box. If you don’t fit a preconceived notion, that is awesome, I love originality. But on the other hand, if you do conform to gender roles in your own life and relationships, that should be ok too. Essentially I like women in all shapes, sizes and personalities; the only requirement is to be FUN and not to rebuke other women for using the word Pussification.

The thing that actually physically classifies us as “women” is having a vagina; other than that, it is up to each individual how she wants to define herself. I’m not telling any other women how to be and in fact I appreciate and celebrate all women for being authentic to themselves. Own your femininity and if you do that by wearing camo pants and sporting a mullet then I high five you!

So, for me Pussification is just a funny word and I LIKE it. It doesn’t make me think of vaginas, it makes me giggle. Of course the word vagina makes me giggle too, but I digress. Pussification makes me think of whiners and it perfectly elucidated what I was trying to say… I LIKE funny words. I LIKE butt-burp and asshat and douchecanoe, too.

I am standing behind PUSSIFICATION and my flagrant sexist ways. I’m not easily offended and words don’t usually bother me, it’s the intent behind the words that holds the possibility of hurt feelings. Even then I usually can’t work up a good “give a shit”. I’m too busy sending boob pics to my husband…


  1. I like your blog, your sense of humor and your lack of political correctness. I suffer from the same malady’s.

    1. So you’re saying your big mouth gets you in trouble too? Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s people like you that keep me blogging!

  2. This just made my day. Making my hubby read it too because once again you write something kickass and TRUE! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Last comment was from me (Nicole J). I don’t know how to make my name appear ☺️

  3. I truly enjoyed reading your blog! So many people in the U.S. are definately becoming PUSSIFied! It’s sad but people get their undies bunched over almost anything these days. Life is too short, and there are too many real problems to worry about. Someone getting into a tissy over a word is NOT something to fret over. People need to lighten up and have a little fun!

    You have a great sense of self, funny, honest and open comments and I found it refressing. I’m like you and LOVE being a woman, expecially a sexy one! Even at the age of 50, I act and dress just as sexy as when I was 25! I believe in the saying “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching”. A short black dress and red heels definately makes for a prettier picture!

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

    1. Laura I have a feeling you and I would get along famously. I love hearing world savvy women say they still enjoy being sexy. I’m 38 and have no intentions of stopping. One of my dearest friends is 47 and she is one of the sexist women I know and she has big boobs and an even bigger personality. Thanks for reading! BTW your comment is going to be highlighted on my FB page…

  4. How dare you be you? You are supposed to a conformist or at least that is what we are being told in countless ways.

    Keep it up!

  5. Sorry for the late comment. I’ve just discovered you and I’m having a blast reading it all! I must say this blog is spot on for me. I’m a working mother of 3. I’m a full time cop, working 12 hour shifts that rotate. I’ve found my dream job making horrible money and my kids and I are better for it. Does it stress the kids out sometimes? Hell yes, but refer back to Pussification of America. Its life. My other half is also a cop however he has the luxury of Mon- Fri normal hours. He tends to run the house, kids, laundry and always dinner. Role swap? Hell yes. Does he enjoy it? Absolutely. It works for my family, not all families. Am I still a fabulous girl? When I’m out of those tacky polyester pants and bullet proof vest, the shorter the shorts the better. Blonde hair, high heels, bring it. I kick ass at work, in a male dominated field then I come home and do it some more. Keep writing blogs that kick ass and make me happy!!!!

    1. Cortney thanks so much for reading and commenting! I think you are a badass and I love that you have found your dream job and are a great mom and wife while still managing to find some time to be sexy woman too. My hubby is a firefighter so I understand the life of service. Often times it is a hard one, but very rewarding. I am already writing my next blog, it will be out in about 3-4 weeks. Stay tuned.

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